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Type of Property Losses

We provide professional insurance claim representation for the following types of losses:
Air conditioning leaks, broken pipes, dishwasher leaks, fire damage, hot water heater leaks, water damage, mold damage, hurricane damage, tornado damage, wind damage, loss by collapse, plumbing damage, roof leaks, sinkholes, fire or smoke damage, storm damage, theft or vandalism, vehicle hitting a building, business interruptions and more.

If any of damages happen to you, call us immediately! Don’t make the mistake of dealing with your insurance company or insurance claim by yourself. By calling us at the beginning of your claim, we can help you handle it the right way!

Water Damage

Air conditioning/HVAC leaks, broken pipes, dishwasher leaks, hot water heater leaks, roof leaks can be covered by your insurance.

Mold Damage

Mold damage can cause health problems and costly damages. This is why it’s crucial to settle mold damage claims quickly and for the highest possible amount for remediation and repairs.

Roof Leak Damage

The damage from a roof leak can be devastating to your home or business. Water will seep into your home and soak into your walls and floors, causing mold and mildew and thousands of dollars in damage.

Fire & Smoke Damage

Small or large, fire and smoke damage can be devastating. Damage can be as basic as smoke damage or complete destruction of your property.

Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes can cause major structural damage and need to be remediated immediately. Sinkhole Loss coverage is essential in order to protect homeowners and business owners from a total loss.

Storm & Hurricane Damage

After any hurricane hits or a home suffers damage from severe weather, we look for loose and missing shingles, and inspect your property for other damage. Your property may also receive damage to windows, gutters and fencing, as well screen enclosures.

Vandalism Damage

Vandalism and theft damage occur often when we least expect it. This type of damage can include home invasion damage, broken window/glass damage, broken door damage and tenant damage.

Underpaid or Denied Claim

If your claim has been denied or grossly underpaid, our adjusters can review the loss, cause of loss and reopen your underpaid or denied claim. Let us take care of your claim for you and get you a fair settlement.

Property Insurance Claims

Tampa Public Adjusters

Bay Area PA is Tampa’s best public adjuster for property insurance claims. If your home has any damage, call us right away for a free home inspection. We offer our public adjuster services in the Tampa Bay and Orlando area at zero up-front cost to you. Meaning if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Our professional insurance claim adjusters have been helping homeowners get the maximum settlements in the Tampa Bay and Orlando area for many years. Whether your home has suffered damage due to a major event like a windstorm or an everyday problem like a plumbing leak, our public adjusters will get you the settlement that you deserve. Hiring us to represent you as your Tampa public adjuster will remove the stress of dealing with your insurance company.

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